The Legend Of The Bmw Isetta Returns In An Electric Version

Eagle EG6330K Electric

For those nostalgic for the fifties, the electric car company Sozhou Eagle presents its recent creation, being able to see the Eagle EG6330K evokes the memory of one of the classics of the time, the legendary BMW Isetta, although in reality it is an ecological version zero emissions since it is electric and its production is planned for later sale in the Chinese market.

Eagle EG6330K Electric.

Four doors and a range of 120 kilometers.

The vehicle has four independent seats, as well as a reduced boot of about 20 liters of capacity. Its engine is an electric 5.3 CV, here we find one of the radical differences with the original model since this mechanism is located in the front. It is powered by conventional 72 KWh batteries, which provide a range of up to 120 kilometers, at a maximum speed of 60 km per hour.

Wink to the past.

The predecessor of the Eagle EG6330K, the BMW Isetta, had its rise to fame after World War II, when in the fifties it managed to be the best-selling car on the planet and incidentally help the company to overcome the crisis of the epoch.

Design of Italian origin, with a motorcycle engine, the Isetta was marketed in Europe and Brazil, among its most recognized characteristics is its “egg” shape, the front access door and the engine at the rear.

Why hide?

BMW Isetta
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The designers have chosen to make an exact replica of the legendary Isetta, although all on the outside, so they have clearly shown the intention and any dissimulation has been avoided. Despite the external appearance, access to the mythical ‘egg’ is not through a front door, as was the case with the original, but rather it has four doors.

Its 3.30 m long and 750 kg in weight allow the Eagle EG6330K to stand as one of the exotic vehicles that abound in China, most without any intention of entering the western market.

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