The Most Effective Home Remedies To Repel Mosquitoes

The most effective home remedies to repel mosquitoes
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The arrival of good weather, and especially summer, is synonymous in many parts of the world with mosquitoes. Their bites can be repelled nowadays with a multitude of products such as insecticides, aerosols, or with electric diffusers with chemical components, many of them are highly polluting, as well as quite effective and durable solutions such as sliding mosquito nets for doors or windows. But in addition, and we recommend them to you, there are many natural remedies with high efficiency so that mosquitoes or mosquitoes stay away from us. Many also applicable for flies.

The most widely used mosquito repellent on the market uses a chemical called Deet, with harmful effects on health and nature. We are going to try to do the same but in an ecological way.

The most effective home remedies to repel mosquitoes

20% of people are very attractive to mosquitoes and they bite them more regularly than the rest. The scientific community thinks that genetics can be responsible for up to 85%, other reasons also influence such as the colors of clothes (they are more attracted to dark colors), the blood group   (the one they like the most is group 0) , the amount of carbon dioxide (the more CO 2 exhales, the more bites), your  metabolism (some chemical compounds in sweat attract them), bacteria on your skin or pregnancy (pregnant women receive more pecks).

Natural remedies against mosquitoes.

We share some of the most effective homemade mosquito repellants:

  1. Lemon and cloves.
  2. Candles, incense and oils.
  3. Mosquito net.
  4. Plant pots of basil or alfábega.
  5. Vinegar.
  6. Anti-mosquito trap.
  7. Transparent plastic bags.
  8. Eucalyptus oil.
  9. Manzanilla.
  10. Almond repellent.
  11. Learn how to make mosquito repellent from garden plants.
  12. Homemade repellent with mint and cloves.
  13. Cat grass oil.
  14. Orange and cloves.

Lemon and cloves.

If you put half a lemon with a few nails in the room where you sleep you can completely ignore them.

Candles, incense and oils.

Incense, candles and oils made from plants or essential oils are able to fight mosquitoes very effectively, so they are ideal outside, such as the garden, patio or terrace. Look for products that are free of toxic substances. The most effective fragrances are citronella, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, bay leaf, rosemary, and basil.

Mosquito net.

Simple and effective. The mosquito net is recommended to place in cribs or on children’s beds because they are more sensitive to chemicals. The mosquito nets can be placed covering the beds or they can be put on windows or doors.

You can easily place mosquito nets in your house in summer, you will no longer need any product to eliminate mosquitoes.

Plant pots of basil or alfábega.

How to reproduce basil indefinitely by cutting

It is a plant that repels mosquitoes due to its smell.


Place half a glass of water, mixed with a quarter of white vinegar, near the windows. The smell will repel mosquitoes.

Anti-mosquito trap.

Mosquito trap

One of the most effective methods is to mix about 20 centiliters of water, 50 grams of sugar and one of yeast in a plastic bottle cut in half.

First we heat the water with sugar, and then let it cool in the bottle. Once it is cold, the yeast is sprinkled, without mixing, and the neck of the bottle is inserted upside down in the shape of a funnel.

Transparent plastic bags.

Transparent plastic fly and mosquito bags

Put some clear plastic bags filled with water on your windows, it will help repel both mosquitoes and flies. This trick also works in open spaces like your garden.

Eucalyptus oil.

You will have to put 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a glass. We can also mix it with our shampoo or moisturizer and it will keep mosquitoes away from our skin when we are outdoors.

How to make eucalyptus oil : To make this oil, you can cook a few eucalyptus leaves and separate the liquid in small containers.


Mosquito repellent chamomile

Chamomile can also be a good repellent for mosquitoes. Mix 250 grams of chamomile flowers and water. Wash the chamomile well and rub into the skin. Repeat every two hours.

Almond repellent.

100 ml of almond oil, 20 drops of geranium essence and 20 drops of basil essence. Make a mixture with all three and apply on the skin.

Learn how to make mosquito repellent from garden plants.

We will use  medicinal plants such  as lemongrass, citronella, basil, rosemary, lavender and cloves, the method is quite simple.

Homemade repellent with mint and cloves.


  •  25 drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • 15 drops of clove essential oil.
  • 5 drops of citrus essential oil.
  • 2 teaspoons of degreasing soap.

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients in a bottle, and place it on top of the skin.

Cat grass oil.

This method works very effectively. You can buy this oil in pharmacies or herbalists. According to a study from the Iowa Public University, this herb is 10 times more effective than the most powerful commercial toxic repellent.

Orange and cloves.

A homemade repellent for mosquitoes that you can make yourself with orange, cloves and a candle.

Preventive methods to repel mosquitoes.

All the above remedies can be complemented with preventive methods that can reduce mosquitoes:

  • Avoid leaving glasses of water or bottles open, they are a conducive place to breed mosquito larvae.
  • Overly perfumed cosmetic products attract mosquitoes.
  • Try not to have the light on in the room where we are going to sleep.
  • Mosquitoes love sweet perfumes and brightly colored clothes.
  • Strengthen your vitamin B. Almonds or lentils will create certain substances in your body that are very harmful to mosquitoes.
  • Take brewer’s yeast (about 3 tablespoons a day).
  • Eat garlic, onion, and clove oil. These odors are displeasing to mosquitoes.

How to calm mosquito bites.

To soothe mosquito bites we can use green tea, which will provide us with good results. When a mosquito bites us, we can turn to used tea bags. It will be enough to apply it moistened on the bite for a few minutes.

We can also use aloe vera or cucumber, it will help us soothe pain and reduce swelling.

If the bite is too annoying, you can try applying ice and mint, it will surely calm you.

In addition to these remedies, it would also help you to plant in your garden, if you have one, or on your terrace, any of these plants: Basil, Lavender, Thyme, Mint, Rosemary, Oregano, Fennel, Dill, Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Petunias , Daffodils or Geraniums.

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