The Most Watched Of Ecoinventos In 2012.

Today we end 2012 with a compilation of what has been liked the most, or at least the most visited, in EcoInventos throughout 2012. There is a post for all tastes:

1.  Home solar heater. 57,581 visits. With little more than 5 dollars, a lot of recycled material and 3 hours of work we can build our own solar water heater.


2.  Broom with plastic bottles. 56,199 visits. A Brazilian website that shows us how we can give a second life to our used plastic bottles.

broom with plastic bottles

3.  Recycling of traditional light bulbs46,386 visits. Many people are wondering what to do with all those traditional bulbs that we change for more efficient ones. Well, on the web we already have several examples of what to do with them.

light bulb in the kitchen


4.  KondensKompressor. Solar still-Solar drip. 45,447 visits. Technique that produces distilled water with solar radiation.



5.  Eight. Small hydroelectric plant that generates light with two PET bottles36,546 visits. Mini-hydroelectric plant that has a turbine to convert the movement of water into energy.

6. Homemade solar water heater, with soda bottles. 34,900 visits. Graphic manual to make our own home heater, in a few simple steps.


7.  Homemade solar heater with plastic bottles. 33,697 visits. Building an inexpensive solar heater with recycled material is very simple and useful.

8.  GiraDora. Pedal washer and dryer. 30,582 visits. Pedal-operated manual washer-dryer that rotates the drum.

9.  Leona scolds Leon for fighting with her cub. 27,538 visits. A lioness gave her mate a rapture after witnessing a fight with her cub.

10.  Reciclestein. Educational toy with recycled materials. 25,812 visits. Made entirely of recycled material, it is three-dimensional, novel, 100% recycled and educational material.



Happy 2013 everyone !!!

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