The New Tesla Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than A Conventional Roof

Tesla's new Solar roof is cheaper than a conventional roof

Good news for those who want to install Tesla’s new Solar roof in their homes – the company just released prices for its photovoltaic shingles, and they come in at just $21.85 per square foot. Which is almost 20% cheaper than a normal roof, even without taking energy savings into account.

Tesla’s coveted solar roof tiles are made of layers of glass over a photovoltaic substrate, replacing traditional materials.

Currently, Tesla has two models available for pre-order: a textured black glass and a smooth gray tile. Tuscany and Slate will be available for installation in 2018. According to the company, installing a Solar Tesla roof takes five to seven days to install, and the company manages the entire process.

The fact that Solar tiles are so inexpensive is to celebrate, considering that Consumer Reports predicted in November that Tesla solar tiles would be priced at $24.50 per square foot, to compete with traditional roofs, and with lifetime warranty.

It should be noted that the price includes solar and non-solar roof tiles. The real cost of solar tiles is $447 per square meter.

Luckily for buyers, whoever buys the Solar roof will also receive the upcoming Powerwall 2.0, a built-in inverter storage device. It connects to the electrical system of your house, which allows you to have a 100% self-sufficient house. Although it will cost you an extra $6,500, the long-term savings are estimated in thousands of dollars.

Since the product was launched, Tesla has come up with several competitors, some even claiming that their product is cheaper, case of  Forward Labs that ensures its solar roof is 33% cheaper than Tesla’s.

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