The Point Of No Return Is Here, It Has Arrived, The Main Experts Of The Amazon Warn Us

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The arrival of the tipping point could mean a rapid disappearance of the rainforest – releasing massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere at a time when the world most needs to cut carbon.

Now, scientists Carlos Nobre and Thomas Lovejoy report that research is showing that this tipping point has been reached and will worsen if action is not taken immediately to address this situation.

The research refers to a NASA satellite study that reveals an increasingly dry Amazon, which, according to space agency scientists, is one of ” the first indications of positive climate feedback mechanisms .” A 2018 study found that Amazonian tree species adapted to humid climates were dying at record rates while trees adapted to dry climates were thriving.

It is urgent, say the scientists, for Brazil to move away from the unsustainable monocultures of the agribusiness of livestock, soybeans and sugarcane, while at the same time promoting a major reforestation project on already degraded lands in the south and east of the Amazonia, actions that could help Brazil maintain its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

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For more than half a century, scientists have known that the Amazon creates its own hydrological cycle: the trees of the rainforest regulate the region’s evaporation, transpiration and rainfall. However, the more tree cover is lost, the more droughts intensify. And when the jungle no longer receives enough rain to sustain itself, the trees begin to die into a form of degraded savanna or scrub.

It is the Amazon in self-destruct mode, and an event whose arrival has been accelerated not only by increasing rates of deforestation in recent years, but also by global climate change.

Current deforestation is substantial and terrifying: 17% in the entire Amazon basin and close to 20% in the Brazilian Amazon. We are scientists who have been studying the Amazon and all its wonderful assets for many decades. Today we are exactly in a moment of destiny: The turning point is here, it is now.

Carlos Nobre and Thomas Lovejoy.

What we predicted years ago is now coming true. It is no longer a theoretical prediction about the future.

Carlos Nobre and Thomas Lovejoy.


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