The Reasons To Remove The Grass And Make A Garden In Your Garden

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Luke Keegan’s neighbors were in awe of what he did in their garden. A lawned garden has been turned into an ecological urban vegetable garden with which he supplies his neighbors with free vegetables.

The front garden of Luke’s house was the usual one in any bungalow in his neighborhood, lawns and more lawns. But one day he thought he wanted to take advantage of it in a better way. He began by building planters with recycled wood. They can also be made with ceramic material, as we saw in the article by Toni Frito: How to Make a Ceramic Terrace.

Keeping the lawn green involves a great cost of energy, water, seeds and time. With the same cost and time, we could have an urban garden with which to eat healthy and cheap.

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He filled the planters with a good substrate and with free fertilizer that they gave away in his city.

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He planted his  seeds  and they began to sprout quickly. He planted many directly into the planters, and others he planted, in a previous step, in a small shed in the backyard. Almost all of their plants grew from seeds.

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Most of the irrigation in your home garden is drip. A system that saves many liters of water in addition to saving watering time, and can even automate it.

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The compost you use is natural compost. A compost that composts the same taking advantage of the vegetable waste generated by both the garden and your own home. I recommend this guide to enter the world of composting.

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His garden has been turned into a bee sanctuary with lavender, rosemary, thyme and basil planted in them. A small but very important gesture to fight against the disappearance of bees that we suffer all over the world.

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One of the favorite features of your garden is that it has “free vegetables” so that anyone can eat vegetables from your garden. So his neighbors, initially incredulous at the change, now enjoy their neighbor’s vegetables. Some are even already deciding to make small gardens in their gardens. Luke has been a great example for his neighborhood.

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He has tasted and grown a multitude of vegetables such as green beans, cucumbers, radishes, onions, tomatoes, carrots … among others. And they all grow without problems in your garden.

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A story to repeat in all the gardens of the world. A story that I hope will inspire you to change your lawn for an urban garden.

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