The Second Tesla Supercharger In Spain Is Already In Operation

The second Tesla Supercharger in Spain is already in operation

Tesla continues with its roadmap for the implementation of its electric car superchargers in Spain. Following the historic news of the installation of the First Tesla Supercharger in Spain, the company led by Elon Musk has made public the installation of its second  supercharger in Spain, specifically in Reus. This is the second of the 13 superchargers that Tesla has planned to install in Spain.

Spain was and is one of Tesla’s pending subjects, already present with its superchargers in the main European countries. Tesla’s next superchargers for electric cars are scheduled to be installed in Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona.

This new location has already been activated within the Tesla map in Spain. This supercharger is located on the T-11 highway between the cities of Tarragona and Reus, exit 12, in front of the Hotel La Boella. 2 charging sockets available 24 hours a day.

Map of Tesla superchargers in Spain

These fast charging points are capable of returning the Tesla Model S to 80% autonomy in just 30 minutes of charging.

Photo: PlataformaTeslaMotorsEspana


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