The Self-drying Dish Rack That Uses Organic Mineral To Evaporate Water Instantly

The Dorai Dish Rack comes from the same guys that invented the Dorai Bath Stone that can instantly dry your feet in the time it takes to step on and off a rug.

Based on this same quick-drying system that is gradually becoming the company’s specialty, they present the Dorai Dish Rack. It uses a special base of fossilized algae that absorbs water at lightning speed, drying your dishes without creating puddles of water, detergent, dirt, which causes the accumulation of mold and bacteria on the base of the dishwasher.

The Dorai Dish Drainer is a radical departure from the old dish racks we’ve been using blindly for centuries.

While old dish racks collect water dripping from dishes, Dorai comes with its own built-in Diomat. This Diomat is made from a rare earth mineral better known as Diatomaceous Earth, which is formed from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms.

Diatomaceous earth has the ability to instantly absorb and dissipate water or moisture, speeding up evaporation while preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Using this feature, the Dorai Dish Rack allows your wet pots, pans, bottles, wine glasses, knives or cutlery to drip directly onto the Diomat. Within seconds, the water is evenly dispersed across the plate and instantly evaporates.

Engineered from aluminum, the Dorai Dish Rack is lightweight and rust resistant. It is collapsible, allowing you to store it in tight spaces when not in use, it is removable, allowing you to clean it easily.

Designer: Aaron Nelson.

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