The “solidarity Refrigerator” That Has Saved Hundreds Of Kilos Of Food From The Garbage

The solidarity fridge

The purpose of the “Solidarity Refrigerator” is none other than to fight against food waste by making food available to people that others do not need. For this reason, the service is not intended exclusively for the “needy” or the “poor”.

A pioneering initiative in Spain, “El Frigorífico solidario” allows you to leave and take food in a refrigerator installed on the street free of charge. This initiative has already saved hundreds of kilos of food from the garbage in just a few weeks of operation.

The initiative comes from the Galdakao Volunteer Association  and began on April 30 of this year. Its objective is clear and simple, to take advantage of all the food that is left over or is about to expire that is generated in restaurants, homes or anywhere else and thus avoid ending up in the landfill.

The "solidarity refrigerator" that has saved hundreds of kilos of food from the garbage

We only know of an initiative similar to this one, which is making its way in Europe, especially in Germany, called Give Box. In it, anyone can leave in an established and limited place in the middle of the street, any object that they no longer use and that another person may need. But in the case of Give Boxes, we do not know if they have a dedicated place for food.

In just 5 weeks of life, the solidarity fridge has received food of all kinds, even the pintxos that are left over every night in the bars in the area. The refrigerator is filled and emptied on the same day.

The Galdakao Volunteers Association highlights that they have not suffered any act of vandalism so far, civility on the part of the neighbors is the predominant note.

From the Association they want this initiative to spread to as many more towns and cities as possible, for this they have launched a website where they intend to set up a network of solidarity refrigerators.

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