The Unstoppable Advance Of The Tesla Superchargers. Installed 500 Charging Zones In The World

Tesla Spain Supercharger

It’s crazy to think that less than 3 years ago, there were no Tesla superchargers on the road. Today Tesla opened its 500th charging zone – in Moers, Germany. In Spain, the deployment is being modest. So far there are only two charging areas with superchargers installed in Spain, in Gerona and Reus. But Tesla’s plans are much more ambitious, both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Tesla’s network of superchargers is “free” “free”, but it is also much more reliable, faster, and more useful than any other charging network on the planet.

In Spain they plan to set up a network of 14 charging areas with superchargers distributed throughout the entire peninsula. Something that will already give you enough autonomy to tour Spain with your Tesla without spending a euro on “fuel”.

It is surprising, on the one hand, that Tesla has built its network in less than 3 years, but, for many of us, it is even more shocking that there are no other automakers who have thought of doing anything comparable or (even more logical) partner with Tesla on its Supercharger network.

Tesla continues relentlessly, extending its networks throughout the United States and Europe, with which they hope to end 2016 more or less like this:





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