The World’s First Typhoon-resistant Wind Turbine, Could Generate Japan’s Power For 50 Years

World's first typhoon wind turbine

A Japanese engineer “has found” a solution to harness the energy generated by the destructive typhoons, which regularly hit Japan. Atsushi Shimizu has invented the world’s first typhoon wind turbine, an egg-beater-like contraption designed to harness the immense energy of storms as a renewable energy source. Shimizu believes that the energy from a typhoon could be enough to power Japan for half a century.


The amount of kinetic energy in a typhoon is enormous. A mature typhoon is estimated to produce an energy level “generating capacity equivalent to almost half of the world’s electricity consumption.” The difficult task for Shimizu and other storm chasers interested in increasing renewable energy in Japan, is to harness that energy efficiently.

To do this, Shimizu has designed Challenergy, a vertical axis wind turbine robust enough to withstand the strong winds of a typhoon and harness the energy of a major storm to generate clean electricity. The technology has already received a lot of coverage from the Japanese press, where many people are eager to find ways to produce sustainable energy, to find a way to generate power from these huge storms that cause immense damage due to their strong winds.

We will see if this technology becomes commercially operational one day, hopefully so.

Via:  –  CNN.

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