The Wynn Casino Not Only Offers Roulettes, Slots And Poker Tables: They Are Also Committed To The Environment

Country Club Wynn Las Vegas. Image: Rakkandee Shutterstock

The Wynn Las Vegas hotel, casino, resort and country Club demonstrates its commitment to the environment by marking a milestone in the adoption of renewable energy as a power source for its facilities. And it is that last year, in 2018, they joined the Green Power Association of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is a union where all the companies that make it up are adopting, innovating and producing green energy to sustain their activities, and all on a voluntary basis.

Casino Wynn Las Vegas is famous for its 10200 m 2 extension, where you can find a lot of slot machines, poker and blackjack tables and roulette to play live. As you might imagine, this gigantic facility consumes a lot of energy, and together with the other casinos and venues that are located in Las Vegas, it has a considerable environmental impact. This initiative was born to reduce this effect.

Erik Hansen, Director of Sustainability at Wynn Resorts, said: “This is just one part of the initiatives we are carrying out. Our strategy also includes reducing energy costs by saving electricity at key points; develop online slots so that players can play for free or gambling like in a traditional casino, but all from their homes, which will help reduce the energy fees used; and in addition, we already use renewable energy to put our tourist complex in motion ”.

Currently there is the current in Las Vegas, and in the world, of awareness and care of the environment. Initiatives like these are just one part of all the work that is being done to reduce the damage to planet earth from our activities.

Among the actions that the Wynn group is carrying out are the inauguration of the Wynn Solar Energy Facilities, a complex completely designed to generate solar energy, with an area of ​​650,000 m 2 . Solar energy is one of the most used and efficient alternatives to replace the usual sources of electricity, having great potential.

Thanks to this, combined with 9,600 m 2 of solar panels located on the roofs of its premises, Wynn Las Vegas is producing and using more than 40 million kilowatt-hours of green and renewable energy per year. This amount satisfies 25% of the resort’s total demand.

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