They Design An Ecological And Removable Heating For Rural Houses

ecological and removable heating for rural houses

An ecological and removable heating system for rural homes, designed with concrete blocks and stagnant water pipes, and powered by energy captured from the sun, is the idea that researchers from the Universidad de la Plata give shape to. The project aims to offer an alternative for rural populations with scarce resources to substitute conventional energy for safer, cheaper and less polluting systems.

Built with affordable materials and based on the use of clean energy, this heating will improve the air conditioning of rural homes, but also of other spaces, such as those enabled for raising chickens or pigs, in which it has been detected that many families Argentina, where this initiative arises, use low-efficiency systems and, therefore, highly polluting. Furthermore, these types of methods represent a difficult expense for these populations to assume.

As an alternative, the researchers have proposed a solar air conditioning system made up of cement or concrete blocks and standing water pipes that have a high thermal capacity. The device is designed to be located in areas of the home where the sun enters, for example next to advantages, where they absorb radiation to convert it into thermal energy. With this it is possible to maintain the air conditioning of the space, without having to resort to fossil fuels.

How does it work.

According to the project director, Graciela Vargas, the blocks of the system allow heat to accumulate while, for its part, the water multiplies the load capacity by four, with which the results are obtained immediately.

The system, which has taken care that its assembly and disassembly is simple in case you want to take advantage of the technology for different spaces, is also composed of materials that are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive, which makes it viable for families with low resources that, in addition They will have less polluting equipment and will face fewer risks to their health derived from inefficient air conditioning.

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