They Find A Brilliant Way To Reuse Leftover Crayons From Restaurants Or Schools

reuse leftover crayons

Bryan Ware, a father and resident of San Francisco, has devised a brilliant way to reuse all the crayons that are normally left over and thrown away in many restaurants and schools. Bryan now collects them, melts them, and makes new colored pencils for children in hospitals.

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This idea came to him back in 2011, when he was celebrating his birthday in a restaurant. The waiter had brought some colored pencils to entertain his two children, and he wondered where those crayons or crayons would go after his children had finished playing with them. To his surprise, the pencils are thrown away, practically unused. That got him thinking and coming up with a way to collect and reuse them, so that children in California hospitals would have pencils to have a good time with.

Every year, about 34,000 kilos of crayons are thrown away by restaurants and schools.

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Bryan Ware found a brilliant solution – melt them.

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He then pours them into special custom molds.

reuse 2 leftover crayons

They can make up to 96 new colored pencils each time you make it.

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These pencils are thicker and easier to use by young children or children with special needs.

reuse leftover crayons4

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The finished crayons are distributed in boxes by California hospitals.

reuse leftover crayons6

reuse leftover crayons7

They have already delivered more than 2,000 boxes.

“If these crayons entertain children who have to spend their time in a hospital room even for just ten minutes, we did our job,” said Bryan Ware.

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