They Invent A Light Bulb 100 Times More Efficient Than Leds

New more efficient artificial light

The  LED light is considered the best source of artificial light, but its glory days may come to an end by the invention of a new technology hundred times more efficient than LED.

Scientists from the Japanese University of Tohoku  have achieved a new type of flat light source made with carbon nanotubes, super efficient, cheap and with minimal electrical energy consumption. A story published by Quo magazine from February 2015.

Carbon nanotubes are very strong and thin structures that conduct electricity. According to experts, it will be the material of the future together with graphene.

This simple panel could get high light efficiency, 60 lumens per watt, excellent potential for low power consumption lighting fixture.

Compared this new technology with LED lights has a minimal energy consumption. It is estimated to use about 0.1 watts per hour of operation, which is about 100 times less than LED lights.

A new light source with carbon nanotubes

How did they do it?

1. The material of these spot lights is based on a phosphor screen.
2. Use a wall of highly crystalline carbon nanotubes.
3. The device is assembled with an organic solvent.
4. The solvent is mixed with a surfactant (similar to soap).
5. The mixture is placed on each positive electrode or cathode.
6. The surface is scraped with sandpaper and a flat light panel is obtained.

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