This Electric Aircraft Will Be Able To Perform Commercial Flights In 10 Years

An American startup closed a commercial alliance with EasyJet to develop a 100% electric plane with 150 seats.

The electric car is already a reality, although the worldwide deployment is still missing. The American startup Wright Electric, likely allusion to the Wright brothers, pioneers of aviation – wants to put a 100% electric commercial airplane in the air in a maximum of ten years. Its objective is short trips of up to 480 km, such as the London-Paris or Boston-New York routes.

Wright’s electric jet will feature 150 seats and promise to compete in the market dominated by planes like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

To achieve this feat, the company has entered into a commercial alliance with the British low-cost airline, EasyJet.

According to Jeff Engler, CEO of the company, the design or shape of the aircraft will be nothing new. That’s because, according to him, these components have already been improved.

Actually, what hinders the development of the plane is the battery. If technology advances rapidly and batteries improve substantially, we are going to see an electric airplane for the next decade. However, if that doesn’t happen, the company intends to launch a hybrid-powered aircraft, a system already used in some cars.

According to Wright, for these electric planes to be viable, they must reduce their cruising speed.

In addition to the 150-seat aircraft, Wright has also unveiled its electric two-seater aircraft. It can be seen in the following image:

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