This Machine Turns Beer Bottles Into Sand To Save New Zealand’s Beaches

The DB Brewery (New Zealand) brewery leads an initiative to protect the beaches of its country. She has created a mechanism that transforms empty beer bottles into sand to save the beaches of her country.

To execute the project, he has created a special machine that crushes the bottles. The process is simple, the bottle is inserted into the machine and a laser guides small steel blades that rotate at 2800 rpm. At the end of the process, what remains is 200 grams of sand that has a composition similar to that found in nature.

According to the company, two-thirds of the sand on all the world’s coasts is disappearing. This is because the demand for this material is high for the industry, which ranges from pharmaceuticals to construction.

All the sand generated by the machines is distributed to construction companies and commercial partners of the brewery, reducing dependence on sand from the country’s beaches.

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