This Robot Uses Artificial Intelligence With Artificial Vision To Recycle More And Better

This robot uses artificial intelligence to help humans recycle more efficiently and reliably.

Christened Max-AI, designed by Bulk Handling Systems, it uses multi-layered neural networks and a vision system that identifies recyclable objects and other items.

It employs learning technology to classify, process and recover waste, resulting in better material recovery and greater operational efficiency.

Max-AI processes video images through a detection line to see and identify objects similar to the way a person does.

You are able to learn on the job and can adapt to changes. It is collaborative, so you can work safely alongside people and can be quickly installed in existing facilities.

The AI-powered robotic classifier is already in use at facilities in the US, including San Francisco, San Jose and York, Pennsylvania.

The deployment of computer vision to analyze and classify material flows is helping cities produce even cleaner bales – and improve their recycling program.

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