This Vertical Farm Will Give Wyoming Neighbors More Than 45,000 Kg Of Fresh Produce Each Year

Vertical Farm Wyoming

Wyoming is preparing to have a vertical farm that will produce more than 45,000 kg of fresh food each year, using 90% less water than conventional agriculture and without pesticides. This 3-story vertical farm will allow the cold North American city fresh locally grown produce for its inhabitants year-round.

Vertical Farm Wyoming Blueprints

This  vertical farm has been designed by E / YE Design and uses a 418 square meter parcel of urban land with no public utility in Jackson, Wyoming Through efficient building design and the use of hydroponic cultivation techniques, the farm will have 18,000 square meters of growing area. Within this area, the farm will produce more than 16,800 kg of vegetables, 2,000 kg of herbs, and 20,000 kg of tomatoes.

Vertical Farm Wyoming Blueprints1

The farm will offer residents an alternative to local crops that the Jackson climate has always avoided. The city is covered in snow for months and months, and therefore is forced to import much of its food. In addition, the developers of the farm have been careful to plan what is grown, so that it will only produce what was imported until now, therefore it will not compete with local farms, but rather it will strengthen local companies by saving in the transportation costs.

Vertical Farm Wyoming Blueprints3

The façade of the building optimizes the potential of natural light thanks to its glazing, which both improves photosynthesis and reduces energy costs for this installation. Artificial light will be used only when natural light is not enough.

Vertical Farm Wyoming1

Although artificial lights will require a certain amount of energy, the company has calculated that it is still a net energy saving compared to importing products. All the lighting that is installed on the farm will be using the most efficient technology that is adapted to each particular crop.

Vertical Farm Wyoming2

In addition to being a farm, the facility will also serve as an educational center, with training rooms and access for visitors to see the growing areas without damaging them. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Vertical Farm Wyoming

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