This Will Be The New Volkswagen Electric Minibus, 500 Kilometers Of Autonomy

volkswagen electric minibus

Volkswagen has decided how its electric minibus will be, an idea that they have been developing for years. In 2001, they developed the first Microbus concept that brought back fond memories of those nostalgic for the 1960s. More recently VW introduced the Buzz-e concept. These earlier designs, never leading to production models, the DI Buzz concept is now definitely going to the production line, according to the latest reports.

VW CEO Herbert Diess confirmed that the new minibus is in VW’s future production plans. The new electric minibus will remind us of the iconic minibus of the sixties.

The new minibus is expected to build on the new MEB platform, the basis for all new Volkswagen electric models. The final design will be tweaked a bit, but will have things from the model that was shown this year at the Detroit Auto Show. VW’s chief designer Oliver Stefani also hinted at the production idea for the new minibus in an interview.

Despite having confirmation that the new electric minibus is going to be produced, we don’t know when. The first model of the new MEB platform is not expected until 2020. It is estimated that it will have a range of almost 500 kilometers.


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