Thousands Of Plastic Balls Thrown Into Los Angeles Reservoirs Against The Drought

Thousands of plastic balls are thrown into Los Angeles reservoirs against drought

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined his officials in the work of releasing 20,000 black plastic balls into a Los Angeles swamp, an emergency solution to combat his city’s drought. Its function is to prevent the water from evaporating. They calculate that they will save more than 1 million liters of water annually with this measure. Economically effective I do not doubt that it is, but environmentally as this becomes fashionable, it is a disaster.

The shadow balls have had a cost of $34.5 million.

It is the first step in the project to launch 96 million balls into the Van Normam Complex reservoir in Sylmar. It is the first city in the United States to use this measure.

As the mayor commented, “It’s a combination of engineering and common sense to save us a lot of money.”

Thousands of black balls are thrown into a lake in Los Angeles

The balls are filled with water, which helps them stay on the surface of the water and protect it from sunlight, preventing its evaporation and loss.

They are black, made of plastic, and cost 36 cents each. The balls have a duration of 10 years and once their useful life is over, the company will recycle them and replace them if necessary.

The reason they are black is that the primary purpose of the balls is not to keep the water cool, nor to prevent evaporation, but to block sunlight entirely.

The measure may be effective, but we do not believe that the best solution to combat the drought is to use the harmful plastic in colossal proportions. There is an urgent need for an alternative to plastic, it is urgent that governments get involved and take measures, there may be alternatives, they need to be invested and trusted.

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