Tomorrow, The Environmental Documentary That Sweeps The French Box Office

Tomorrow, the environmental documentary that sweeps the French box office

A documentary that is divided into 5 chapters: agriculture, democracy, economy, energy and education. It has been seen by more than 700,000 spectators in France since last December 2, the date of its premiere in cinemas, a total blockbuster.

Premiere in Spain:  Simultaneous special events in:  Madrid ,  Barcelona ,  Seville ,  Córdoba ,  Malaga  and  Valencia  (Thursday, April 21) and  Palma  (Friday, April 22).

Each screening will be preceded by a discussion of an association that has to do with what the film tells us.

In the documentary  DemainTomorrow , actress Mélanie Laurent and activist Cyril Dion travel the world to seek and learn about ecological, economic, local democracy and educational alternatives.

They visited Detroit, a city that is developing a booming organic urban agriculture taking advantage of the industrial spaces left by the economic crisis. They visited organic farms in France where they produce without oil. They travel to San Francisco, a city where 100% of their garbage is recycled. They travel to Copenhagen, an example of sustainable mobility surrounded by wind turbines.

They analyze our unsustainable economic system, they review the alternative currencies that emerged in Great Britain. And much more.

A documentary recommended by the main French publications.

“A fascinating and hopeful documentary that should bring us a positive change.” ELLE.
“A shot of optimism: simply inspiring.” Première.
“With unquestionable educational value.” Le Monde.
“Brilliant, fascinating, hopeful: a complete success.” Le Figaro.
“Proof that another world is possible.” L`Express.

  • Original title: Demain.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Director: Cyril Dion – Melanie Laurent.
  • Duration:  118 minutes.
  • Country:  France.

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