Tox21 Project, The Largest Toxicity Database Without Animal Testing

Project Tox21, the largest toxicity database without animal testing

Project Tox21, the largest toxicity database in the world that avoids testing animals.

Pesticides, industrial chemicals, food additives, and drugs contain toxic chemical compounds that humans are exposed to on a daily basis. To assess the effects of these pollutants on humans and animals, scientists have so far experimented with animals, but a group of US scientists led by Ruili Huang (National Center for Advancing Translational Science) propose, through the Tox21 project, an unnecessary alternative of testing animals.

The Tox21 project is a method based on human and animal cells, which can predict the toxicity of chemical compounds in humans and animals. They have already tested more than 10,000 chemical elements to develop better methods to demonstrate the toxicity of compounds such as pesticides, industrial substances, food additives and drugs.

The results obtained demonstrate the reliability and relevance of this technique and also confirm that in vitro tests predict the effects of toxicity in humans (in tests with human cells) better than in animals (with animal cells), although they are effective in both.

A giant step towards the end of animal testing.

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