Trash Robot, An Internet Controlled Robot To Clean Rivers From Your Home

Trash robot

The members of the Urban Rivers project are the promoters of the Trash robot initiative, the robot designed to clean a water surface controlled via the Internet.

This initiative arises from the need to remove the floating garbage in the Chicago River, the objective is to achieve it by means of a boat that can be controlled remotely through the Internet.

The mechanism that carries out this task is a robot shaped like a radio-controlled boat, the small size allows ease of use, part of its equipment is a camera and a net that catches floating debris, all driven by a motor.

Clean and recycle seen as a video game.

The dynamics of the game is that once the network is filled, the online participant acquires a score that is added to his personal area, immediately afterwards the garbage is deposited in the containers that have been placed on the banks of the river, the collected waste will be recycled In addition, the boat can also be recharged at these points.

The approach is to live it like a video game; the vision, statistics, score and records included, thereby ensuring the involvement of the “users” with the aim of achieving greater cleanliness than the rest. Users, players, register and wait their turn on the page.

A team of experts behind the project.

According to the team, after a series of tests carried out by experts in robotics, web design and communications, among others, they are looking for a way to ensure that the boat has as few failures as possible, as well as prevent the animals that live in the area get scared (mainly ducks) and have a garbage collection rate at the highest possible speed, as the area fills up with rubbish in no time.

To carry out the project, the creators have opened a kickstarter profile in which the proposal was to reach $5,000 USD and they have more than achieved it, already almost exceeding $5,500 USD, with about 200 sponsors who have secured his place to start ‘playing clean’.

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