Two European Transport Companies Begin To Test The Integration Of Solar Panels In The Roof Of Their Trucks

Transportation companies Emons and Vos Logistics will test SolarOnTop solar panels for four months starting in April. Your goal is to save 5.5% fuel.

IM Efficiency introduced SolarOnTop, announcing that its solar photovoltaic panels integrated into truck covers could save 5.5% on fuel, about 2300 liters of diesel per truck per year.

To have some calculations based on real driving, the system will be tested on trucks from the transport companies Emons and Vos Logistics. If the tests are successful, the system can be certified and is expected to hit the market in September.

In the transport sector, solar panels on semi-trailers and covers had already been tested before, but these systems were never bet on. The current technology for developing increasingly thin, efficient and resistant solar panels could change this. SolarOnTop panels, for example, are scratch resistant and not damaged by tree branches sticking out of the roads.

According to IM Efficiency, the SolarOnTop system costs around 6,500 euros and has a payback period of less than three years. The solar panels can last 25 years. IM Efficiency wants to continue researching to bring this system to market.

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