Unocup – The Folding Paper Cup Without A Plastic Lid

Unocup is the stylish new paper coffee cup that makes plastic lids a thing of the past.

Unocup is the new on-the-go paper coffee cup that replaces plastic lids and can help reduce plastic waste. We all want a mug that we know will help reduce waste.

Unocup has a well-proven, patent-pending folding design for creating your own integrated lid. The cup can be folded, held, drunk, it is cheaper and of course much more sustainable than traditional ones.

Closing Unocup is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply fold each flap and insert the flap. Opening is as easy as pressing a button, literally.

You won’t have to worry about plastic caps anymore. With Unocup, everything is integrated.

Unocup’s unique shape fits in the palm of your hand. Comfortable and pleasant to hold, the uniform structure of Unocup creates a strong and consistent body that does not break down under pressure, unlike traditional mugs.

It fits your lips perfectly. Traditional plastic lids have a rigid opening that looks unnatural, while Unocup guides the drink fluidly into your mouth.

The Unocup flaps can be folded back, so you can drink like a regular cup.

Unocup’s design is optimized for series production using existing cup making machinery. Using Unocup will produce significant cost and energy savings in manufacturing, storage and transportation that would otherwise be wasted on plastic caps.

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