Ups Saves More Than 37 Million Liters Of Fuel Thanks To Mathematics

UPS saves more than 37 million liters of fuel thanks to mathematics

UPS, with a fleet of 96,000 trucks and hundreds of aircraft, has always looked for the formula to save costs. Fuel is always an expense where they have focused their efforts, the routes of their trucks focused a study, trying to simplify the routes to save time and fuel. The solution that was reached is the most unexpected.

And the solution they adopted is that UPS trucks don’t make left turns in America. The reason is simple, minimizing left turns saves time and fuel by not having to wait to cross against the flow.

This solution has helped the company save some 37,854,117 liters of fuel since 2004, the equivalent of what 5,300 cars consume on average in a year. All thanks to a mathematical solution.

The solution has been improved over time and some left turns are currently allowed, especially in residential areas, where the flow is minimal and the time lost is manageable. These turns are not decided by the driver, but are calculated by the programs that UPS engineers have created keeping in mind that small changes can have a big impact.

The Mythbusters program ran a special to see if it is true that not turning left saved fuel. And the test they carried out proved UPS right.

All thanks to ingenuity. It is shown that efficiency still has a long way to go in our society, finding solutions to consume less should be a decisive point in today’s society. Any hint of efficiency should be taken into account, since on a small scale it may seem insignificant, but when we move it to a larger scale, the numbers can get us dizzy.

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