Usb Solar Umbrella, Protect Yourself From The Sun While Generating Electrical Energy

USB Solar Umbrella, protect yourself from the sun while generating electrical power

SunBrilla is a solar beach umbrella with USB ports from ACUBIC SOLAR SYSTEMS, available for private or advertising use, it provides a solution to problems of recharging electronic devices in places where the electricity grid does not reach.

The need for constant recharging of mobile devices is increasing. This solar umbrella will allow us to protect ourselves from the sun while producing electrical energy. Energy that through its integrated panel is stored in an internal battery.

USB Solar Umbrella.

The solar foil that it incorporates is thin, light, flexible, hardly noticeable and adapts when the umbrella is folded.

Both the umbrella canvas and the solar kit are customizable, so that a business can have its exclusive umbrellas.

SunBrilla Procharger is designed and manufactured in Spain, measures 250 cm with a high efficiency 5.3W or 11.2W solar panel. A model specially designed for the hospitality, events and tourism sector.

USB Solar Umbrella

With this umbrella, hotel, bar or restaurant customers can charge their smartphone, digital camera, tablet, laptop or any other electronic gadget on terraces while enjoying the sun.

The Hotel Rh Corona del Mar is the first hotel establishment to install this type of umbrellas.

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