Usb Typewriter. How To Turn Your Old Typewriter Into A Modern Keyboard


Jack Zylkin is an electronic engineer from Philadelphia, United States, who is able to turn your old typewriter into a keyboard for iPad or computers. The system dubbed it the USB Typewriter.

Do you have an old typewriter somewhere in your house and don’t ditch it out of love? Now you can give it a new life and turn it into a keyboard for digital devices.

Back in 2009, an electronics engineer from Philadelphia, Jack Zylkin, had an idea: repurpose old typewriters and use them as keyboards.


The system created by Zylkin allows writing on paper at the same time as on screen.

‚ÄúTypewriters are really beautiful and elegant pieces; It has always seemed sad to me that now they are neglected and almost forgotten “

Jack Zylkin tells us on his website, where he sells several ready-to-use models.


On its website it also offers a “Do it yourself” kit, everything will depend on the make and model of your typewriter.

The package includes manual, parts and cables that are needed for you to easily convert your typewriter into a keyboard in a couple of hours.

The invention has been so creative that it was named one of the 10 best accessories by PC Magazine.

In this video, Zylkin himself shows us how his USB Typewriter works:

More information:  USB Typewriter.

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