Use A Pringles Can To Make A Mobile Speaker

Use a can of Pringles to make a mobile speaker

With a pack of Pringles you can create a speaker for your mobile phone. Simple, useful and cheap.

The speaker serves as an amplifier. We save money, recycle and increase the volume of our mobile.

Step by step instructions:

First of all we need to make the hole where the phone is inserted. To do this, we will measure the thickness and width of the device so that the cut is perfect. The idea is to allow the sound outlet to be inside the can.

Use a can of Pringles to make a mobile speaker

The marking should be about two fingers above the bottom of the can. The two clips are taped to the sides to support the can and prevent it from rolling while the phone is ringing.

Your speaker is almost ready. Customize it to your liking, giving it a finish to make it more attractive.

You can paint the whole can and make your own designs.

Once dry, fill the interior space with a little toilet paper, 14 cm is enough to improve the sound quality.

Put the phone on the amplifier and enjoy your favorite music.


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