Vancouver Announces That It Will Run 100% With Renewable Energy


The Canadian city of Vancouver has become the latest city to commit to 100% renewable energy. Following a City Council vote on March 26 in favor of making this change, the city formally announced its commitment last week at the 2015 ICLEI World Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Vancouver joins a list of more than 50 cities around the world that have committed to 100% renewable energy, not just for their electricity needs, but also for heating and cooling.

Panoramic Vancouver

Currently, 32% of Vancouver’s energy needs come from renewable sources. Electricity comes 90% from renewable sources, but heating, cooling and transportation are far below those figures. The Vancouver City Council has committed to providing electricity, heating and cooling, but reports indicate that City Hall staff are taking it upon themselves to investigate transportation as well.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said:

“Cities around the world must demonstrate continued leadership to meet the urgent challenge of climate change, and the most impactful change we can make is a shift to 100% renewable energy. The future of Vancouver’s economy and livability will depend on our ability to cope with and adapt to climate change, and moving towards renewable energy is one of the ways Vancouver is working to become the greenest city in the world. “

And not only cities, countries already work with 100% renewable energy in the case of Costa Rica.

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