Vancouver Paves Its Streets With Recycled Plastic

Pave your streets with recycled plastic

Vancouver has on its horizon to become one of the greenest cities in the world in 2020, it is already taking steps in that direction. A few days ago its mayor announced that  Vancouver has become the latest city to commit to running on 100% renewable energy.  The goal set is difficult and involves raising awareness in a population that exceeds 600,000 residents.

In India, one million plastic bags are recycled on every kilometer of road

This ambitious objective has been divided into areas, “Access to Nature”, “Zero Waste” and “Green Transportation”, segmenting so that citizens can have more clear objectives by areas and also be able to see the results more clearly.

Pave your streets with recycled plastic3

Another measure that has surprised everyone is that they will pave their streets with recycled plastic. The plastic will be melted and granulated to be mixed into the gray asphalt.

In the normal process for the manufacture of asphalt, temperatures of 160 ºC are needed to melt the materials, in the case of plastic, high temperatures will not be necessary since the plastic will melt in a colder environment, which will reduce by 20 % fuel consumption during production. This method will allow that the works are not suspended during the winter.

Pave your streets with recycled plastic

This reduction in fuel translates into economic savings, and will also prevent the emission of 300 tons of greenhouse gases per year. Also, during plastic paving, the amount of toxic vapors that are released into the atmosphere to fix the asphalt decreases.

This type of paving costs three times more than the common one, which gives us an idea of ​​the commitment by the authorities to implement “green” actions in order to meet their objectives.

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