Velometro, Solar Bikes That You Can Use Like A Car

The VeloMetro is a solar hybrid vehicle that facilitates our daily movement. It is a solar bike that can be used like a car but with a few more advantages.

The VeloMetro is attractive, customizable and practical, therefore a viable solution to the problem of contamination. All the materials with which it is built are sustainable.

It is a highly profitable, sociable and efficient management system, it is a bicycle with the advantages of a car.

Features of the VeloMetro.

  • The first characteristic is that it is a safe vehicle.
  • It also protects from inclement weather, such as rain or excessive sun.
  • It is a comfortable vehicle, its design is small but closed, where you can climb comfortably.
  • It also has a low power consumption due to its portable battery system.
  • Has solar panels incorporated, whereby the removable battery recharge them.
  • It can also be charged through the conventional electrical network.
  • It is made of durable materials, which is why it is a vehicle with a long service life.
  • Low maintenance.

Advantages of the VeloMetro.

First of all, it is an ultra-efficient, innovative and ideal vehicle for urban areas. It is based on the open source philosophy.

It can also be driven without a license since it is a bicycle.

Its QS electric motor also provides more than 1500W of power, so it reaches a speed of 45 km / h. It can work with or without assisted pedaling.

Its structure is monocoque, so it has protection against side impacts, it is completely closed and stable. It has hydraulic brakes for greater safety and also incorporates seat belts.

It incorporates lights and good visibility in its design , in order to see and be seen perfectly.

In electric mode it reaches up to 45 km / h and combined in electric mode and pedaling, it can reach up to 70 km / h. The battery charges through the mains completely in a maximum of 7 hours.

Charging through the moving solar panels can also gain up to 10 km of autonomy.

Even in low light conditions, you can drive up to 5,000 km a year with solar power.

Due to its small size, you can also easily park in urban areas. It is also easy to repair and assemble. A bicycle with all the advantages of a car, an ideal vehicle to move around the city in a sustainable way.

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