Vertical Modular Tank To Filter And Store Rainwater For Reuse

Vertical modular tank to filter and store rainwater

Being able to store rainwater is an important strategy to reduce water consumption and save money. The easiest way to reuse this water is by using a cistern, which captures and stores water for later use.

This vertical tank created by Tecnotri is a practical way to store rainwater in a simple and easy way. While a common tank is able to store an average of 220 liters of water, a vertical modular tank can store up to 1000 liters of water, occupying a much smaller space.

Vertical modular tank4

According to the company, a 1000-liter module weighs 48 kg and is only 1.5 meters high by 64 cm wide. Its compact size allows it to be installed even in places with little space, such as corridors, garages and even balconies, and if necessary, several modules can be connected on the same circuit, increasing its capacity.

The modular tank was developed to facilitate the reuse of rainwater for various purposes. Therefore, it has outlets for connection with hoses, washing equipment, among others.

Vertical modular tank1

The tanks are equipped with a filter that removes leaves and other solids that can get with the water. They also have a tank to separate the first flow of water, which is normally the one that is most loaded with this solid waste, due to the dirt accumulated on the roofs.

Among the kits is a smaller model ideal to be connected to the washing machine, to reuse the washing water.

Vertical modular tank3

The installation of this system is very simple and does not require major structural changes or civil works.

What to do with this rainwater?

Rainwater can be used for various purposes. In some parts of the world it can even be used for human consumption. Cleaning, watering the plants, washing the car and clothes, are just some suggestions.

Vertical modular tank2


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