Wallbox Quasar, The First Bidirectional Charger That Will Power Your Car And Your House

The electric vehicle charging industry is changing rapidly, there are smart chargers on the market that can offer the user remote access to the unit, keep detailed charging history data, can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for remote services and many other functions. Some smart chargers such as the Enel X ChargePoint Home or JuiceBox can contact the utility company and participate in demand response programs that can save the electric vehicle owner a lot of money on their electricity bill.

Now a two-way DC charger for home use.

Quasar is a bidirectional direct current charger, which means that it can charge your car and also power your house with the car battery.

It is limited to 32 amps (7.4 kW). It is capable of powering your home during power outages so it would eliminate the need for an energy storage device for that particular purpose.

Currently, only the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offer bi-directional capability, so they are the only EVs that could use the Quasar’s domestic capability. However, Wallbox’s Doug Alfaro reports that they are talking to many other manufacturers and are cautiously optimistic that there will be more electric vehicles with two-way capability in the near future.

Quasar main features and advantages.

  • Bi- Directional Charging – A World First – The First Exclusive Two-Way Charger For Your Home With This Advanced Technology
  • Sustainable consumption : Quasar is also compatible with solar storage systems to achieve maximum optimization between your home, your car, renewable energy generation and the electricity grid. It offers the unique possibility to store excess energy in your electric car, and use it when you need it.
  • Save money in the long run : Quasar brings new technology into the home and is also the only charger that can provide a return on investment over time by optimizing when and how you use your energy or by providing energy services to the utility grid, similar to how solar panels can generate a return on energy put into the grid.
  • Control with an application : Quasar works with a mobile application (iOS and Android) and a power management platform that helps you manage your bi-directional use. It works in conjunction with the electrical network and with your home’s energy management system (thermostat, lights, etc.). You can easily set configure when you want your electric car battery to be used.
  • Easy access with facial recognition, touch screen and gesture recognition.

Quasar will allow us to increase the use and efficiency of the battery in our cars.

More information: wallbox.com

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