Weetbe, A Modular Transparent Mask With Fan To Filter The Air

weetbe is an all-in-one clear mask that comes with three filters, has an attachable face shield module and a modular fan that attaches to the filter and delivers clean, filtered air to your nose and mouth for 8 hours.

Unlike other masks, weetbe has unique properties. It’s transparent, comes with three filters, has an attachable face shield component, and the best part, a modular fan that attaches to the filter on the front, effectively delivering clean, filtered air for up to 8 hours.

The Weetbe mask offers a great level of modularity. In itself it is a functional mask with a transparent body, hypoallergenic design, and certified filters… but its ability to fit additional modules is what makes it special. weetbe comes with a clear body and air seal and anti-fog coating.

Adjustable straps help secure the mask around your face, while filters on the front as well as the sides help you breathe 98% clean and purified air.

The mask comes equipped with Provenil filters, which are made of nanofibers small enough to trap airborne respirable particles, including viruses.

These filters are reusable, can be washed or steam sterilized, and are made to biodegrade, allowing you to replace them easily and without contaminating.

Weetbe’s most anticipated feature is the pressurized fan module. Called “fan osaka,” the fan module snaps right into the front, pushing air through the filter above to create positive air pressure inside the mask.

It incorporates its own lithium-ion battery, the fan runs for 8 hours on a full charge and works silently. The module is smaller and lighter than you might think, preserving the transparent appeal of the mask, and is perfect for putting on pressure while exercising, running, or even for older people who have difficulty breathing through a mask.

Another optional module is a snap-on, clear polycarbonate face shield that offers a transparent barrier that protects the upper half of the face. The screen has a similar anti-fog feature, ensuring that your view is not obstructed by condensation.

weetbe is customizable, with a custom skin that you can apply to the inside of the mask, turning its transparent body into a canvas print. The headbands are also customizable, allowing you to add a name or logo.

weetbe is splash resistant, which means you can easily wear it in the rain… and its transparent design, in addition to allowing you to use face unlock on your phone, just gives you the freedom to breathe clean air and be protected without your face is hidden by a cloth or opaque plastic.

Designer: Weetbe Design

More information and shopping: weetbe-first-transparent-mask.kckb.st

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