What Blinds To Choose For Your Home?

Choosing the correct blinds is essential, not only in summer. The blinds insulate you from the outside, both acoustically and thermally. In addition, they facilitate the control of the entry of natural light and allow to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Types of blinds.

There are different types of blinds, although the roller ones are the most demanded. In this article we will tell you about the different types of blinds that you can order for your windows and how to choose the most suitable ones according to your needs.

Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are blinds formed by slats that go up and down through a system of cords. In other models, the slats fold in on themselves thanks to rods that guide them. In addition, they can rotate to allow more or less light to pass through, depending on the angle they form with the vertical.

The slats of Venetian blinds are of different widths and thicknesses, as well as of different materials. You can find them in aluminum, wood and PVC, with different prices depending on the material.

Advantages of the Venetian:

  • They are very practical and require little maintenance, simply remove dust from the slats periodically.
  • They provide privacy without avoiding the passage of natural light.
  • They are ideal for people with allergy problems, since they do not accumulate mites as they are not textile material.

Alicante blinds.

Alicante blinds are decorative and functional. We have all seen these types of blinds in homes for years, because they were cheap and a symbol of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The most traditional are made of wood, although you can also find them made of bamboo and PVC. They are rolled up and unrolled using a rope and have the advantage that they always allow air to pass through.

They protect your home from excess outdoor light, especially on hot summer days, and provide great privacy. Installation is very simple and they are easy to repair: the blind has two rings at the top that hang from the window hole.

The structure is very simple: the slats of the shutter are set using steel clips, which give them a certain mobility. By means of a rope that passes through the upper pulley, it is wound on itself. To extend it, simply release the rope and let it drop under its own weight.

Alicante wood blind

Roller blinds.

They are made of textile material that are rolled up on a round tube placed in the upper part. They are currently a practical and functional option in interior decoration. For offices, homes and premises it is an avant-garde option if you like the current style.

Roller blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of outside light that enters each room. They can be integrated into all windows and the fabrics provide high sun protection.

The winding and unwinding system can be motorized, which facilitates its use in the case of large windows.

Aluminum or metal blinds.

Metal and aluminum blinds have undergone a great transformation in recent years, both in terms of materials and ease of installation.

Currently, this type has numerous advantages over other systems:

  • They have a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, superior to that of other materials such as PVC.
  • They are a security element in the home that protects windows, doors and balconies.
  • Aluminum is a very resistant material against inclement weather, water, salt and humidity.
  • They do not need maintenance.
  • They are not flammable, which increases safety in the home in case of fire.
  • You can find aluminum blinds in a large number of colors, to match the profiles of your exterior doors and windows.

Electric blinds.

Thanks to the development of home automation in recent years, you can currently have motorized blinds for your home with all the advantages that this implies. These increase the security of your home and provide you protection against the outside environment.

Most of them can be motorized and an expert will do it easily and safely.

Security shutters.

Anti-theft security shutters are a widely used measure to protect homes from burglaries and burglaries. They are made of reinforced steel and are operated through remote or remote systems.

This type of blinds allows natural light to pass through while thermally insulating your home. Regulates the indoor temperature and maintains constant values, both in summer and winter. It is also an effective barrier against outside noise.

Security shutters can be installed throughout the home. A technician will do it in approximately one hour for each one.

Motorized blinds.

A large part of electric blinds can include an automatic programmer to operate the same. In this way, you can decide when the ones in your home will open and close even without being in it.

This is a great energy saving and an extra security measure for your home. Currently there are intelligent systems so that you can operate the system from your mobile phone.

Buy custom blinds at incredible prices.

Now that you know the different systems that exist, you can choose the ones that best suit your tastes, preferences and budget. If you are going to buy new blinds or change the ones in your house, opt for quality at the best price and take these aspects into account:

The drawer.

It is a strategic point where you can lose heat and cold if it is not properly placed. Choose it with reinforced insulation and airtight closure, to prevent dust and dirt from the street from entering.

The placement.

It is essential that the placement of your blinds is well done so that it is an insulating element of your home. A technician will advise you on the best way to place each one depending on the type you choose.

Drive systems.

We recommend that you choose motorized custom blinds. They are easy to install and provide security to your home. They stay in perfect condition for a long time and are very comfortable to use.

Now that you know the importance of blinds and the types that exist, which one are you going to choose for your home?

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