What Can I Do To Reduce Phantom Consumption?


Today, with the prices we pay for electricity in Spain, in addition to the economic crisis that squeezes a large part of the family economies, it becomes more important if possible to save on electricity bills. Either we look for a contract or rate that is as cheap or affordable as possible, or at least that we do not overpay, or we reduce consumption by stopping using or buying devices that consume less, or we reduce  the phantom consumption of our home, which is between 7 and 11% of the total consumption  of an average household, which can represent between 95.55 and 173.55 euros per year.

First let’s see how the electricity bill is in Spain, a short summary because understanding it is very complicated.

your electricity bill

If we analyze the data in the graph, we can know where the money from the electricity bill goes, well, more or less.

  • Average monthly household bill: 51 Euros seems little, but if in this statistic we take into account that in Spain there are millions of homes dedicated to second homes, empty for most of the year or with only one resident, surely the data fits us more.
  • Tax charges: 15.7 Euros. This includes VAT, a tax on electricity and taxes on generation.
  • Environmental subsidies: 9.7 Euros. Subsidies dedicated to renewable energy, wind and solar mainly.
  • Territorial subsidies: 1.9 Euros. These are the subsidies given for the over-costs of electricity generation in the islands and cities of Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Social aid: 1.3 Euros. Dedicated to helping families with fewer resources have the cheapest electricity.
  • Others: 3.4 Euros.

What can I do to reduce phantom consumption?

  • Idle consumption of electronic devices. Manufacturers offer this information to the consumer, include the consumption at rest in the purchase decision.
  • Use power strips with a switch, to be able to turn off the devices that we do not need to always be connected together, quickly and easily.
  • Use timers  to automatically disconnect appliances that we do not use at night.
  • ORUse special strips with Stand By eliminator.

What can I do to reduce my electricity rate?

We analyzed the electricity rates of Iberdrola, whose president assured a few weeks ago that the price of electricity should and could fall.

Iberdrola’s electricity rates are at both a last resort and a free market level.

    • The electricity rate of last resort offers the prices set by the state.
  • The electricity tariff free market are for minor and major powers of 10 kW. They offer a series of discounts and specific offers, as well as maintenance services in the facilities. There are two rates of less than 10kW: Basic plan, offers the possibility of paying the same every month to regularize at the end of the year, only for homes. Or Home Plan, a rate with a discount in the term of power of the light.

They also offer a series of rates with hourly discrimination. They have different periods and the price of the kWh is charged differently depending on the hours it is consumed. Very interesting to reduce the cost of our bill, but you will have to get used to doing daily tasks in hours where you normally did not do them before, such as putting the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher at night.

They also have special rates for SMEs, with greater power and hourly discrimination.

Iberdrola advantages.

  • They do not follow the price increases published by the Spanish government every three months, they maintain them to offer stable prices that do not change every two by three as happens with other energy companies.
  • Personalized offers.
  •  Offers of discounts on the landline or on consumption for 12 months.
  • Free services such as Home Assistance, Fixed Fee, Electronic Invoice, Detailed Invoice, Billing Management or Iberdrola Solution for Property Administrators.
  • Consult doubts and manage your contracts through the channel you choose at any time: more than 380 Service Points throughout Spain, Service telephone numbers, Virtual Customer Office, TwitterOpen in a new window, contact emails and Virtual Assistant.

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