What Can We Do To Reduce The Electricity Bill

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Today we will try to give some recommendations to be able to reduce the amount of the electricity bill in your house. The first thing we have to do is know ” what and how much electricity each appliance, household appliance, gadget … ” that we have in our house connected to the electrical network uses. This seems like a simple task, once we get down to it, it will not be far from easy. We will discover that we have “phantom” consumption that we did not believe existed. And we will also discover that some of our habits do not help our home use less electricity at all.

We must be aware that although the savings per home may seem small, although others I assure you will be surprised if you start calculating the amount of energy you waste, worldwide a small improvement in the energy efficiency of homes can mean an extraordinary reduction in Carbon dioxide emissions.

How to reduce the electricity bill

What cannot be measured, cannot be managed. We must know how, where and when we consume energy in order to reduce our electricity bill. You have to be clear that it is possible to  drastically reduce your electricity consumption by making decisions and adopting appropriate habits.

Devices that may have phantom consumption.

The ghost consumption  is electricity consumption of electronic devices permanently connected to the network, ie consumption of appliances when they are on “stand by”, ready for us to use at any time with a remote control or just Press a button. We pay for this “comfort” very dearly. I give you just some examples so that you understand that even if you don’t realize it, your house can be a real waste of electricity.

  • Among computer devices, what has the most phantom consumption by far is the router and the printer.
  • Among the gadgets, the most phantom consumers are the video game console and mini system.
  • Food freezers are a tremendous expense on our bill, if you manage to manage them well, the savings can be huge.
  • Some coffee makers can even spend more off than preparing coffee, when they are left in the ‘ready to use’ position for many hours (to keep the water hot).
  • One of the devices with the highest phantom consumption is air conditioning equipment, heat pumps, electric radiators … Electricity continues to be used with the  air conditioning off in winter  or with the  heating off in summer, simply by leaving these equipment plugged in (or not to lower the corresponding switch in the electrical panel of the house).
  • Do not turn the heater on intermittently .
  • Do not cover the radiators .
  • Put aluminum foil behind the radiators . You will prevent the heat from escaping through the walls.
  •  The automated system of opening and closing a garage door, even if it is not working, can use large amounts of electricity whether we take the car out of the garage or not.

Reduce the electricity bill at home

Recommendations to reduce electricity consumption.

There are many recommendations (in the final part of the article you have hundreds of tips by categories), but I wanted to show you some of the most common so that you can see for yourself that it is so difficult for us to reduce your electricity consumption.

  • The washing machine must be put to maximum load. If I put 10 washing machines at 80%, I would put 8 at 100% and therefore I would save 2. The expense for each washing machine is so brutal that this detail will save you many euros a year.
  • Use power strips with a switch, to be able to turn off the devices that we do not need to be always connected together, quickly and easily.
  • Use timers to automatically disconnect appliances that we do not use at night.
  • Use power strips with a switch, to be able to easily turn off a set of devices that we do not need to be always connected.
  • Use special strips with Stand By eliminator. There are two types of them: some that have a main plug, and when they detect a drop in the consumption of the device connected to that plug, they turn off the rest of the peripherals and others with a small receiver that we can configure to turn the power strip on and off with a key of the remote control of our television, thus, when we turn off the television, we turn off all the peripherals that we have associated. The advantage of the latter is that we avoid phantom consumption of what is plugged into the main socket.
  • refrigerator with ice  consumes significantly more than a clean one, so check the freezer regularly to be able to remove the ice.
  • We can lower the cost of the refrigerator by raising its temperature in winter.
  • Reduce screen brightness on LED televisions or monitors.
  • If you use a ceramic hob or electric stove, you can save money by cooking with a pressure cooker.
  • Take advantage of the sunlight . Raise the blinds and part the curtains during sunny hours. This way you will heat the house and not use artificial lighting.

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