What To Do With Aluminum Cans

Beer Container Art

Why should a beer or soda can end up in the trash? In addition to wonderful aluminum sculptures, you can use the cans for very useful projects. Do not throw them away, take advantage of them and take care of the environment at the same time.

Ideas of what to do with aluminum cans.

You will also be amazed at the things you can do with these cans to help you in the kitchen.

Idea 1. Egg yolk and egg whites separator

Necessary materials:

  • First select the can you want to use.
  • Then a coarse sandpaper.
  • A thick nail is also necessary.
  • A hammer.
  • Finally a drill and a bit.


  • To start, clean and dry the can.
  • Then proceed to sand the can from the top, until the lid comes off.
  • The next step is to remove the lid from the can.
  • Next, flip the can over and with a nail and hammer, start poking several holes across the bottom.
  • Then with the drill and the bit he finishes opening the holes.
  • Finally clean the can to remove residue.

With only this you will already have an egg separator. Place a plate and on it, the can with the holes facing up. Then place the open egg.

The white will come out through the holes falling to the plate and the yolk will be completely separated on the top.

Idea 2. Vegetable peeler

Necessary materials:

  • First select an aluminum can.
  • You also need sandpaper, screwdriver and tweezers.


  • To begin, sand the can until the lid is off.
  • The next step is to turn the can over and with a screwdriver open a slot in one of the sides.
  • Then round the slot using the pliers.
  • Then sand the groove with metal sandpaper.
  • Finally clean the can to remove pieces of aluminum.

With only this you will have a vegetable peeler. Pass the vegetable through the hole and the peel will fall into a plate, while you peel the vegetable easily.

Idea 3. Recycle beer cans into small sculptures.

You can use the empty and clean aluminum cans as raw material for small homemade sculptures, which can decorate your shelves, giving a touch of originality to your home. Take a look at this b gallery to get an idea and… good job.

Beer Container Art:

Darth Vader face.

Beer Container Art1

Brothers Mario Bros.

Beer Container Art2

Idea 4. Texas.

How to make roof tiles out of aluminum cans

Making your own shingles from aluminum cans can be a viable project, as we see today. The raw material, aluminum cans, are quite easy to come by even in large quantities.

Idea 5. Improve wifi signal.

Beer cans or any soda can. What we need is a cheap circular aluminum container, with which we are going to improve the Wi-Fi signal of our router. A most economical, fast and easy way. Very useful for very large or two-story houses. With this trick we can amplify the signal.

Idea 6. Lamp.

how to make a lamp with a can

There are so many recycling projects with aluminum cans, that in the end you will have to save all the ones that fall into your hands in order to execute them all. The next project will teach you how to make a lamp out of aluminum cans, which can help you in situations of need or survival.

Idea 7. Desk organizer.

Photo: Cynthia Shaffer

A few cans  on a turntable, as you can see in the photo.

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