What To Do With Shoe Boxes

What to do with shoe boxes
What to do with the shoe boxes. Image: Koldunov Alexey – Shutterstock.

One of the materials that we can always have on hand are shoe boxes. Surely you have accumulated many shoe boxes, sometimes empty without knowing what to do with them. If you want to give them a utility, don’t miss these ideas.

All you need to transform a shoe box into an original idea is a little time, creativity and a few materials.

Ideas for reusing shoe boxes

Ideas that are very easy to do and that will be very useful to you.

Projector with a shoebox and a smartphone.

You can make a homemade projector yourself using a shoe box, some accessories that you probably have at home and your smartphone. A project with which  you can turn your phone into a portable television. A simple project to do with a fairly acceptable image quality. Instructions.

Pencil organizer.

The first thing is to get a large shoe box and several tubes of toilet paper. Then line the box with the decorative paper of your choice and distribute the tubes inside it so that they press against each other.

Finally, place the pencils and highlighters that you want to organize in each tube.

Table football

Children will love this project, made entirely with recycled materials and they will find it very entertaining.

To start you only need a shoe box, tweezers of two different colors, four wooden toothpicks and a small ball.

Then line the box, then open two holes to make the arches. Then place the four wooden sticks across the box and finally, hang the tweezers on them, acting as players. Complete instructions.

Pictures for the wall

A very decorative idea, using four shoe box lids. Paint them black inside and out first. Then line the front of the covers with a paper that simulates newspaper or the letters of a book.

The next thing will be to create a design that to look complete you need to place the 4 covers one below the other. They will look great and very original.

Collage for children’s room

To start this project you need at least 5 shoe box lids of different sizes. Then you must cover them with different types of fabrics, they must have cheerful colors and designs.

Paint the edges in contrasting colors and then glue the covers in different shapes to make a collage. Next, place a string to hang the painting and glue a stuffed animal or doll to decorate each cover.

File cabinet.

Stage for children’s plays

This project is also for children. In fact you can have them help you do it, it will be very entertaining.To start with take a shoe box and cut a rectangle on the lid.

Then cut holes in the top of the box where you can insert wooden sticks. Then paint the box inside according to the scene of the play. The next step is to paint the entire box.

Then draw the characters and place them on the wooden sticks. To finish, introduce the characters in the box and move them with the sticks.

Chest of drawers.

Fantastic ideas that will help you to recycle shoe boxes, easily and in a very economical way. Can you think of any other ideas?


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