What To Do With The Books That You Have At Home And Are Not Going To Use

What to do with the books you have at home and are not going to use
What to do with the books that you are not going to use. Image: Africa Studio – Shutterstock.

It happens to all of us, we keep books for life, but there comes a time when it is impossible to keep them. At that moment, we understand that we must give it an outlet.

But what to do with those books that you are no longer going to use ?

What to do with the books that you will not use

Do not despair, there are several ways to get rid of books, some of them are somewhat radical, but they can work, read on and take note.

Gift them to your friends and family.

What is old for some is new for others. Offer your friends and family the books that you then want to discard.

It may be that many of them also need or want to read them and you can have them controlled even if they are no longer yours.

Leave them forgotten at the home of friends and family.

The first thing you should know is that books will not always be well received. So if the gifting technique didn’t work, you can try this one. Also they will not be able to tell you no ????

Take the books with you when you go to visit your friends or family and leave them forgotten, this way they won’t be able to tell you that they don’t need them.

Create furniture with books.

You can also build tables, benches, shelves with the books that you no longer use. It is a way to recycle and give a second life to many books stored without any function.

Find a storage room.

If you love your books and don’t want to give them away or throw them away for recycling, then it may be a good idea to rent or borrow a storage room to keep storing them. So put your books in boxes and stack them in a storage room.

Free your books.

Another way to give your books is releasing them in public places. So leave them at stops, the subway, the table in a cafeteria.

In addition to freeing yourself from them, you will be giving a book to someone you do not know and who may appreciate it.

Take them to the mini libraries.

In this way others will use it. Find out where the mini libraries are located and take your books. You can also fill their shelves and take several of them.

Donate them.

Luckily you can take the books to NGOs, schools, libraries and organizations that may need them.

Also, if you classify them and bring exactly the precise ones to each institution, you will have a better chance of receiving them.

Sell ​​them through the networks.

The Internet may be your best ally in this case. There are still many people who like to read books. You can also sell them at reasonable prices using social networks to offer them. In this way you avoid having to print new ones with the expense of raw material that it entails.

Set up a second-hand book business

Finally you can turn the problem of space and getting rid of your books into a business. Besides getting rid of them you can earn some extra money.

You just have to find a place to display them and offer them at a very good price, in this way you can get rid of those books that you want so much, but you cannot keep.


For example, flowers.

To the recycling bin.

If all of the above did not work for you. So you have to be more drastic, there are books that no longer have any use or can be useful to anyone. Use the blue recycling bin.

Any other idea?


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