Who Killed The Electric Car?

Documentary: Who Killed the Electric Car?

A documentary by Chris Paine that denounces the reasons electric cars were wiped off the map after their promising start in the 90s. It describes who was to blame for their disappearance.

It tells the story of General Motors EV1, the first high-performance electric car marketed in 1996. Six years later, General Motors decided to take it off the market despite its high demand.

An electric car with more than 20 years, with a range of 257 km, 140 hp, with energy recovery when braking … a car at the level of some that are now on the market.

1,117 units were sold, at a price of 399 dollars per month, with a duration of 3 years and 48,000 km. In 2001 General Motors recalled all the cars.

About 300 public chargers were installed in California, free to use, which recharged the batteries to 6.6kW and 220 volts in 45 minutes.

In this great documentary, manufacturers, legislators, engineers, consumers and advocates of electric cars are interviewed and investigated, reaching conclusions that will not leave you indifferent.

Who killed the electric car

Electric cars, although it may seem otherwise, are not a recent innovation. They have been around for as long as there are cars with internal combustion engines. First made in the 1880s, they gained popularity in subsequent decades for their ease of use, and for being less smelly and noisy than their gasoline counterparts. Despite this, its popularity waned with the numerous developments that made gasoline cars a more affordable and practical option.

EV1 Features:

  • Engine: Electric 102 kW (134 hp) at 7,000 rpm.
  • A weight of 1,400 kg with lead-acid batteries or 1,319 kg with N-MH batteries.
  • From 0 to 100km / h in 9 seconds.
  • Energy recovery when braking.
  • Heat pump air conditioning.
  • Tire pressure sensor.
  • Keyless access and start.
  • Original title:  Who killed the electric car?
  • Year:  2006.
  • Director and Script: Chris Paine.
  • Duration: 92 minutes.
  • Music: Michael Brook.
  • Photography: Thaddeus Wadleigh.
  • Country: USA

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