Why Are Battery Electric Vehicles The Future?

Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors

This revealing chart shows us why battery electric vehicles beat their industry rivals.

The following Transportation and Environment chart is a gem. He explains that battery electric vehicles are by far our most efficient car option, and clearly the future of transportation.

We have seen these arguments so many times, countless times. They say that a picture is better than a thousand words. This graphic will help you whenever you try to explain to someone why battery electric vehicles are the future.

It’s not just about fuel efficiency, either. More power is generated with higher efficiency. You don’t have to deal with the form of inefficiencies: noise, a vibrating car, polluted air. You don’t have the costs that come with hundreds of devices aimed at improving efficiency. More efficient equals better.

Naturally, as battery costs decrease, the efficiency and critical benefits of electric motors will increase. Electric cars are getting more and more competitive, each time better than their inefficient competitors.

Image  Transport & Environment.

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