Why Consume Organic Products?

Why consume organic products?

Currently there are many cases and ailments that are attributed to the new practices of cultivation and production of processed foods, since they go through chemical and other procedures to increase their efficiency in the market. It is for this reason that more and more voices around the world are being raised in support of organic products and their consumption.

Advantages of organic products

The reality is that organic food is much safer, since its cultivation is free of pesticides and herbicides that can harm the health of the end consumer. Over the last few years there have been many studies and specialists who have proven the benefits of organic food in both animals and humans. Although everything is said, also the detractors as we will see throughout this article.

In fact, it is well known that transgenic and processed foods, which have their molecular structure modified due to chemical treatments, often cause allergies and damage the immune system of their consumers. In fact, even foods from animals that are not treated organically and are fed hormones and other chemicals affect foods like eggs and milk.

It has been proven in many studies that  organic foods have around 50% more antioxidants, helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases or even cancer. Additionally, these foods help prevent overweight and have a much more beneficial effect on babies and young children.

This is not to mention that organic fruits and vegetables have a more intense flavor and pleasant to the palate of their consumers.

The advantages of the production and consumption of organic products are not only limited to the health of the consumer, but also of the farmer, who in turn does not have to deal directly with highly toxic chemicals that threaten their health.

The environment also benefits from this practice, since the cultivation of organic food does not pay attention to or use industrialized means that pollute and promote global warming. It is that the use of pesticides and modern methods result in soil erosion. An alternative is to use organic pesticides.

Organic farming also boosts biodiversity as farmers do everything in their power to maintain a natural balance in their crops, using traditional seeds with greater resistance to diseases and inclement weather, this without resorting to modern chemical treatments. This is also achieved with a natural combination of plants and animals that follow their natural cycles and make the correct use of the habitat.

In conclusion, organic foods, although they tend to have a higher cost, are the healthy and sensible option. Its benefits far exceed its transgenic competitors and at the same time we would be putting one more grain of sand in the conservation of our beloved planet earth.

But not everyone agrees with this, the  professor of Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia José Manuel Mulet,  affirms that transgenics do not harm health and organic foods are not healthier, he qualifies them as unprofitable and expensive. He calls it a “trademark.” According to this professor, in organic farming many natural pesticides are used that are toxic. It states that the studies carried out show that the final properties (nutritional and health) of transgenic and organic products are very similar.

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