Why Shouldn’t You Ever Kill A Spider?

Why should you never kill a spider?
Why not kill spiders. Image: Christine Bird – Shutterstock.

Besides their appearance, most people fear spiders for one specific reason: their bite. If you are unsure of the type of spider, there is always the possibility that it is poisonous. However, only about 10% of spider bites cause some kind of skin problem. These types of problems are not caused by the innocent brown spiders that make their home in your house. In fact, it is quite difficult for a spider like that to bite you.

At this point, why is the first impulse always to kill the spiders?

Today we will learn how spiders can help us more than harm us. Remember that spiders are natural predators, they can help control pests that you may have in your home.

These household pests we are talking about are not just flies, which is a common misconception. Spiders also hunt disease-carrying insects. They go for those nasty indoor pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and even moths on your clothes. The more you take care of the spiders in your house, the less mosquitoes you will have flying around your room.

Typical species of house spiders include long-legged spiders, Pholcus phalangioides, common spiders (parasteatoda tepidariorioum), or brown hermit spiders (loxosceles reclusa). These spiders will make their webs wherever they have their food source. So if you see a spider in its web, leave it alone. They’re sure where the bugs are, so they’ll get rid of them for you!

Don’t kill spiders.

Obviously, it is not pleasant to let spiders roam your house. If you can’t bear to have a spider at home, don’t kill it. If you can, capture it with a glass jar and release it in a park or garden. It will find another place to make its web and continue to hunt the insects that you also fear.

Spiders are unique creatures that you will always want to have around your home.

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