With This Invention Your Showers Will Not Last More Than 4 Minutes

Spiky how to save water in the shower

Are you one of those who thinks that your 15 minute shower is justified by having a  super-efficient water heater and an economical shower head ? Perhaps you’ve gone further and even funnel the shower water into a personal gray water system. Well, your shower curtain has heard it all, and thanks to artist Elisabeth Buecher, it won’t take any of your excuses into account. Your soapy body will be taken out of the shower at exactly 4 minutes, when the curtain designed by Elisabeth inflates its spikes.

Spiky saves water in the shower

Called “Spiky,” the curtain inflates to trap the water waster in the shower. With liability issues in mind, warrior shower curtains are not for sale yet, but they do serve to provoke reflection on water use. Visitors can schedule a time and experience the shock that a mindful shower leaves you unable to finish your bath. Elisabeth exhibited this project at the Milan Furniture Fair, a project aimed at making people aware of the scarcity of resources and the importance of using them responsibly.

Spiky save water in the shower

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