Woobots, The Wooden Transformers

WooBots, the wooden Transformers

A project to make wooden robots, like Transformers, which are going to be a Christmas success.  In Kickstarter I was looking for financing for USD $10,000, and today they have more than USD $40,000. And they still have 17 days left, so the final figure could easily multiply by 10 what they were looking for.

They have 5 different designs of WooBots robots, made of high quality wood, with the intention that they last for many years and pass from one brother to another. Wooden toys last longer and do not harm the environment, since they are made with natural materials.

They measure 18 cm high and are made up of 20 wooden blocks, laser cut so that the pieces fit together and their movements are perfect. They also assemble them by hand to ensure that the movements and transformations are done properly.

WooBots models

WooBots will have a retail price of $30 each, although in the kickstarter campaign you can get them for $20 a unit or 100 for a complete set of 5 robots.

Via  gizmodo.com  /  fayerwayer.com

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