Wristify. A Thermoelectric Bracelet That Tricks Your Body Into Not Feeling Heat

Wristify prototype

Wristify is the first bracelet that activates personal heating and cooling, that is, it tricks our body so that it stops feeling hot or cold as needed. They use a thermoelectric material to quickly cool or heat the temperature on your wrist, directly.

A rapid heating or cooling of the skin is perceived by your brain as a much stronger effect. That is why this is an efficient method to keep people more comfortable, with minimal energy expenditure. Can you imagine the energy savings that the massive use of this gadget would entail? Incalculable.

Wristify prototype1

In the video its own developers explain in detail how it works and its utilities:

The four students who have developed Wristify have won the top prize of $10,000 at MADMEC, MIT’s annual science materials design competition.

Wristify Award

At the moment, they are in the process of obtaining the patent. Although they have already incorporated their development into a bracelet that can be marketed:

Wristify bracelet

As its inventors tell us:  Why heat or cool a building when you can heat or cool a person?

More information:  embrlabs.com

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