Young Italians Create A New Super Efficient System To Convert Any Organic Waste Into Compost

With the goal of “turning any waste into something good” , six young Italian biotechnologists and energy engineers have designed a sustainable system that allows the extraction of clean energy from organic waste and a restorative product for the earth, Nutriento, which retains moisture and encourages the natural bioactivity of soils.

The promoters of the idea, in which they have worked for at least 5 years to make it possible through BioForceTech, a startup recently created in California, have shaped the entire process and a pioneering treatment plant, which combines the low time of processed with an energy consumption lower by 70% than what is usual for this type of procedure.

For this , a device called a biosecadora has been created, in which the waste is heated rapidly to remove the moisture from the waste and reduce its weight. Biological heat and ventilation help to increase the drying rate. Likewise, the greater proportion of biological heat is used for the evaporation of bound and surface water, so that this system does not require any additive, chemical or fossil fuel.

One of the fundamental parts of this system is the pyrolysis reactor that it incorporates, which allows the process to be sustainable and efficient. Thus, for the decomposition of organic matter through the application of heat, an equipment has been designed that multiplies the production of gaseous material that is burned in a special reactor in which no flame is ignited, which reduces any type of issue.

The entire system described has the advantage of reducing the weight of biosolids and other biomass by more than 90%. What remains once the process is finished is, precisely, Nutriento. This kind of charcoal to which no fertilizer is applied becomes, according to its promoters, a perfect additive for soil treatment.

Thus, as they explain, this product obtained only through waste is very rich in carbon and its effects can last in the soils on which it is dumped for thousands of years. In a shorter period of time, this substance will improve the fertility of the soil, in addition to promoting the growth of healthier, stronger and more flavorful plants. “It will improve the structure, porosity and bioactivity of the earth, in addition to favoring the retention of water and nutrients,” say the promoters, who also stress that, with Nutriento, it contributes to the elimination of thousands of tons of organic waste.

More information at Nutrieno.

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